Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012 -Weeks 4 and 5

I started out this challenge, and the new year gung ho about a new diet I had found called the 17 day diet. I was skeptical and wasn't sure if I wanted to try it since you weren't allowed any carbs or sugar the first 17 days other than the two fruit servings. Everyone I talked to told me "Try it, you can do anything for 17 days" but they failed to tell me that 17 days turned into 21 days then 28 and so on until you lose all of your weight. I, the carboholic that I am, successfully,( but miserably) completed the first 17 days 11.5 pounds lighter. What happened next was kind of a whirlwind, in the downward direction.

What was supposed to start to get a little easier ended up being my demise. I was tired of feeling the way I was since starting this diet, exhausted and no energy to hardly move, at all. But I decided to give the second phase a chance. Halfway through the second set of the 17 days, I was very frustrated because I hadn't lost ANYTHING since the middle of the first phase.. so about two weeks. So I started the negative talking...then my husband, who has been monitoring every food item that goes into my mouth, or so it seems, made dinner plans for Olive Garden. Not a place to go when you can't have bread or pasta or anything but fat free salad dressing. I did the worse thing I could've, went to Olive Garden and ate... ate what I wanted and just had the screw it attitude. I felt like there was no point, because he wasn't going to support me, except when it was convienent to tell me I couldn't eat something. This mentallity continued for the next several days.  Weigh in day came and I refused to get on the scale, and reported for the weigh in that I remained the same for week 4, but I am sure I had to of gained.

Since then, after I regained my composure and common sense/ I have been  with my options: do I go back to the 17 day diet, or do I maybe find something a little less restrictive to do. I have decided to go back to my "old faithful" plan, weight watchers. On weight watchers I can alternate from counting points, or eating only from the "power food" list, which is similar to the 17 day diet, EXCEPT you have weekly points for something you may want that is not on the list.

I write this the eve before weigh in, I am crossing my fingers the scale will be nice to me. Considering I went from no carb to oh my god I cant get enough carbs, I'm thinking its not going to be pretty in the a.m. No matter the result, I am back on track of my weight loss/get healthy journey. I might get knocked down, but I'm not staying down.

**fast foward to Wed. A.M.**

Although I was looking for any excuse to not get on the scale today, I did. It wasn't good, but I knew it wouldn't be. I also know it could have been alot worse. Although I gained.. I'm still ahead of the game. I will be working hard to make sure those extra pounds are gone next week!

Beginning Weight 214.5

Previous Weight 203
Current Weight  205.5
Current gain/loss  +2.5
Total gain/loss -9

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