Monday, April 25, 2011

A Vacation of A Lifetime......

If you've never had the chance to take a cruise vacation, you really should. Make it an item on your bucket list. I promise it will be one of the most wonderful times of your life.

We recently returned from a 7 day cruise upon the Carnival Pride, stopping for 2 1/2 days in Bermuda. This cruise although, already special all on its own, was extra special because it was also our honeymoon.

This being my 2nd cruise (hubbys 7th!!!) I knew a little about what to expect. But I will say Carnival was by far much, much better than the ship I was on for my first cruise.

The schedule of shows, and activities were geared more for my liking. Previous cruise, was like the Dawn of The Dead, everyone on there was at least 70! We only saw two other couples even close to our age on the whole ship. So the atmosphere and all around experience was more geared to what we like.

If you've never been on a cruise, you are pampered from the minute you step foot on the ship. No cooking, cleaning, making the bed ...nothing. Your bed is made every day, room attended to. In the evening you come back to your room with you bed turned down, mints on your pillow and a newsletter of what is planned for the next day. You are able to plan out each day if you are in port or at sea. This is your vacation, be as busy or do as little as you want. Take in all the activities or sit by the pool with a book.
Lets not even talk about food. Oh my! You have access to food 24/7. The only downside to the food... you may need a bigger size clothes by the time your vacation is over!


Bermuda is a beautiful island. It consists of 150 islands, but only 20 of them actually have people living on them. The islands were formed by volcanic rock topped by coral formations.  The island itself is only 22 miles. But don't let that fool you. There is so much to do and see in Bermuda.

Once you are in Bermuda you will see that most of all the rooftops there are white. These rooftops are designed to collect rainwater. Bermuda has no rivers, lakes or fresh water wells. They have to depend on the rain water. As a result, water and ice is very expensive there. I noticed while going through the shops, a 25lb bag of ice was $12.00.

Although very expensive to live there, I would highly recommend visiting Bermuda if you ever have the chance.  We are planning to return to Bermuda at least once more some time in the future. There is so much there to see, it would take many, many times being there to actually see everything Bermuda has to offer.

Enjoy the pictures of the beautiful blue water of Bermuda (won't find that around here).

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happily Ever After Cross Stitch

I purchased this cross stitch several weeks before we were married and have been dilgently working on it ever since. It has been quite some time since I've attempted any kind of project like this. It was quite aggravating between the thread knotting up and breaking and I had to order more of a color I ran out of and couldn't find at any of the local craft stores. But now that is all finished I love it, and will be looking for a new project to get started on.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working toward that #100daychip

I first decided to work on my #100day chip about a week before leaving for my honeymoon (cruise to Bermuda), then I realized that would probably just setting myself up for a fall. So, not post wedding, post honeymoon.. and a few extra pounds to carry :/ I have completed day #1 of of #100daychip.

What is the #100daychip you ask? Commit to doing something for 100 days straight. No excuses, every. single. day. for 100 days. Mine? Exercise. At least 30 minutes, every. single. day. If you are on twitter just report your success using hashtag #100daychip Once you reach your chip let Brad at know and he will award you your chip.

Don't think your ready for the 100 day challenge? Start with a 7 or 14 day challenge. Just start somewhere. You can't fail. If you miss a day... just start over until you get it right!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Check In- Post honeymoon cruise

Although there is no challenge going on over at the Sisterhood, doesn't mean that we can slack up waiting for the next challenge to start. Or at least thats what I tried to tell myself as I stepped onto the cruise ship last Sunday and headed to Bermuda. You will never understand the amount of food available to you 24/7 until you experience a cruise for yourself. I tried but, my willpower broke! 

I was dreading the step on the scale this morning, knowing all that I have been eating and the lack of exercise the past week. The good news? I didn't gain as much this year as I did after the cruise last year. Thats good, right? But I did gain... not so good.  Good news... cruise is over and now I need to get back on track and get my butt up and moving on the treadmill.

Previous Weight 197.5
Current Weight 200.0

Total loss since 12/21/10  -12

Thursday, April 7, 2011

March 25, 2011- A few wedding pictures

Spring In 2 Action Week 5

Week 5??Really?? That was pretty much how I felt on Wednesday morning. It didn't hit me until I had been at work about 2 hours that *ding* today was weigh in and YOU forgot to weigh in! So after saying various profanities in my head, I sent a message to my awesome partner for this challenge to let her know I would be using last weeks weigh in for this week. I knew the likelyhood of me losing was slim to none, thanks TOM.
I will be going MIA starting Sunday so I will not be weighing in next week. Which means the challenge is over and done for me.

Didn't kick ass like I wanted to do, but I did lose, so I won't complain much. I only wish I had reached my goal to be at 15 pounds gone and stayed there. A few pounds found their way back. I am close to being back to my goal  but not close enough.

Final stats:

Challenge starting weight: 201.5
Challenge ending weight 197.5
Total loss this challenge  4

Total loss since 12/21/10  14.5

Kindle Case and Skin

I have been wanting a case for my kindle since I bought it, mostly because I am clumsy and am afraid of breaking it. I haven't been able to justify though the price on the ones that I've really liked and wanted. I finally found one on ebay, a pink one that had a matching skin with it. Since vacation is next week, and I plan to take my Kindle with me I'm thinking might be a good idea to break down and get the case.  Have been crossing fingers that it arrived before we left for vaction.. it showed up today! ;) And I love it! Love Pink!!