Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working toward that #100daychip

I first decided to work on my #100day chip about a week before leaving for my honeymoon (cruise to Bermuda), then I realized that would probably just setting myself up for a fall. So, not post wedding, post honeymoon.. and a few extra pounds to carry :/ I have completed day #1 of of #100daychip.

What is the #100daychip you ask? Commit to doing something for 100 days straight. No excuses, every. single. day. for 100 days. Mine? Exercise. At least 30 minutes, every. single. day. If you are on twitter just report your success using hashtag #100daychip Once you reach your chip let Brad at know and he will award you your chip.

Don't think your ready for the 100 day challenge? Start with a 7 or 14 day challenge. Just start somewhere. You can't fail. If you miss a day... just start over until you get it right!

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