Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring In 2 Action Week 5

Week 5??Really?? That was pretty much how I felt on Wednesday morning. It didn't hit me until I had been at work about 2 hours that *ding* today was weigh in and YOU forgot to weigh in! So after saying various profanities in my head, I sent a message to my awesome partner for this challenge to let her know I would be using last weeks weigh in for this week. I knew the likelyhood of me losing was slim to none, thanks TOM.
I will be going MIA starting Sunday so I will not be weighing in next week. Which means the challenge is over and done for me.

Didn't kick ass like I wanted to do, but I did lose, so I won't complain much. I only wish I had reached my goal to be at 15 pounds gone and stayed there. A few pounds found their way back. I am close to being back to my goal  but not close enough.

Final stats:

Challenge starting weight: 201.5
Challenge ending weight 197.5
Total loss this challenge  4

Total loss since 12/21/10  14.5

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