Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

Oh where, oh where do I start? I began the May Your Way Challenge, in some sort of funk, that had lingered from the previous challenge. I thought I had shaken myself free of said funk, but no. This challenge, I have pretty much bit the dust.

I have realized, for the first time, that I am an emotional eater. I knew before that I would turn to food at times if stressed, but what I am realizing now is more than that.

There are things in life, things that I can't change. Things that no one can change, its just life. The biggest thing, and I'm sure all of us at some point go through this, is about getting older, and realizing, I mean REALLY realizing that you are getting older. Ok, I'm not THAT old, but just the thought of being 40 in four years really freaks me out.  On top of that the fact that I want to have kids and need to do that sooner or later.

Taking all of this in and realizing all this has left me somewhat depressed. I know, being depressed isn't going to help matters. I have realized that, I need to get up off my butt, stop feeling sorry for myself.  I've realized that exercising, isn't just for the fitness aspect, but it helps so much mentally.

I know that if I want to have kids and if I'm blessed to be a mother one day, that I need make sure I am healthy so I will be around for my future kids. 

Exercise and healthy eating is the key to a longer, happier life, and I know this. So now that I have come to my senses and stopped throwing myself a pity party, I'm ready to start again. Really start and again and kick some butt!

I have started the Couch to 5K Program, I am walking my first 5k on June 11th and hope to be able to run a 5K the next time one is close enough for me to participate in.  Although this challenge pretty much sucked for me, I'm ready for the new challenge  (rumored to be starting in a few weeks), I will rock it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bermuda.. our Final day

Our cruise was rapidly coming to an end. This was our last day, the week went by so fast! I spent the day learning how to make some of those cute towel animals. I made a elephant and a dog.

We enjoyed some shows and hit up the casino one last time. Most of the day was spent relaxing and getting ready to disembark in the morning, All luggage had to be set outside of your room by midnight. Anything else, you were on your own to carry off the ship and to your vehicle.

We had a great time, although 2 1/2 days isn't enough time to see all there is to see in Bermuda. I'm sure we will be back if we have the opportunity.

Bermuda Day by Day Review- Day 6

Today we were only in Bermuda a half a day, then it was back on the ship and headed back to Baltimore. We decided to stay close to the ship and check out the local mall.

The mall was like no other mall. Was very cramped, and no AC. Kind of reminded me of the shops you'd find along the boardwalk at the beach, minus the cheesy Tshirts and all lol.

After spending some time there, we walking through town to see if we missed anything that we wanted and could get in at the last minute.  We only had a few hours though, and the ship will leave without you if you aren't on it.

Back on the ship and people watching as the time kept getting nearer for us to head back to Baltimore, the line was getting longer and longer return to the ship.

The time came, it was time to say goodbye to Bermuda and head back home. Although we were exhausted, we were having an awesome time and wasn't ready for it to be over.

After we were well on our way, we headed down to our cabin to get ready for dinner. Stopping for the last session of picture taking..

After a few shows and some laughs it was time to turn in for the night, and day 6 was over.  This little piggy was waiting for us in our room. My favorite towel animial, cause I love piggys.

Bermuda Day by Day: Day 5- In Bermuda Day #2

Our second day in Bermuda was spent at the Aquarium and Zoo followed by some time at Snorkel Park. It was a bit too chilly to do any swimming, but the beach was so pretty!

Was time to head back to the ship, prepare for dinner and decide what are last minute stops would be before we left Bermuda at noon. We decided to stay close and do some shopping in the local "mall" since we hadn't been there yet.

We avoided the picture taking and went straight to dinner, then off to another Broadway like show and some more comedy.

We were greated again that night with a different towel animal..

Day 5 was done, and our cruise was more than half way over

Bermuda Day by Day Review-Day 4 Bermuda... We Made It

We made it through the "dreadful" Bermuda Triangle that everyone talks about. We were finally in Bermuda, and for two and a half days. We were in our glory! We arrived a bit later than expected, but in doing so we were able to watch and we came into port and docked.  The anticipation of seing how beautiful Bermuda is built as we got closer and closer

Finally we docked here:

As we walked off the ship, this was the view: Beautiful blue water

Exploring Bermuda:

After walking the town of Hamilton taking in the beauty of Bermuda and doing some shopping, we wer exhausted and head back to the ferry.

Once back on the ship is was once again time for dinner, pictures, and some shows that led up to bedtime.

Once the shows were over, we headed back to our cabin to see what towel animal would be waiting for us and decided it was time for some zzzzz's since tomorrow was another full day in Bermuda

Bermuda A Day by Day Review: Day 3 (Day at Sea and Inside Ship Pics)

Wednesday, day 3 of our cruise and the second full day at sea. By this time were getting anxious and couldn't wait to get to Bermuda. We woke up early and headed the buffet for breakfast to try to beat some of the crowd, but to no avail. After breakfast we checked out the activities going on throught the day. First up was one of several rounds of BINGO. I have never played so much BINGO in my life as I did the week on the cruise. The casino inside that ship saw alot of us as well. By the end of the cruise I was sick of both.

Up next was the Love & Marriage Show, this fellow cruisers were picked. A couple recently married, a couple that had been married for a short time, and a couple that had been married the longest. The game was like the Newlywed game that use to be on t.v. Where each person would answer questions about their relationship separately and if they both answered the same way they received a point. The answers and reactions to the questions were hilarious.

There was also a "Harriest Chest" contest for the men. An 80's theme challenge, and a Guess that Song challenge.

After all that excitement, I took some time to go throughout the ship and take pictures. This ship is Renaissance themed and every wall you looked at was a painting  of unclothed people. However the rest of the ship was beautiful!

Then it was off for some R&R before it was ready to ready for dinner. As usual on the way to dinner we stopped for pictures. You could spend a fortune if you actually bought all the pictures that are taking of you throughout the week.  After a few pictures, off to dinner we went.. tonight was Lobster Tail.

Another show put on by the Carnival Show Dancers and Singers followed by two comedy shows ended the evening (or early morning). We had no problem going to bed, knowing when we woke we would be in Bermuda (or almost). This little guy greeted us when we entered our cabin.