Friday, May 27, 2011

Bermuda Day by Day Review- Day 6

Today we were only in Bermuda a half a day, then it was back on the ship and headed back to Baltimore. We decided to stay close to the ship and check out the local mall.

The mall was like no other mall. Was very cramped, and no AC. Kind of reminded me of the shops you'd find along the boardwalk at the beach, minus the cheesy Tshirts and all lol.

After spending some time there, we walking through town to see if we missed anything that we wanted and could get in at the last minute.  We only had a few hours though, and the ship will leave without you if you aren't on it.

Back on the ship and people watching as the time kept getting nearer for us to head back to Baltimore, the line was getting longer and longer return to the ship.

The time came, it was time to say goodbye to Bermuda and head back home. Although we were exhausted, we were having an awesome time and wasn't ready for it to be over.

After we were well on our way, we headed down to our cabin to get ready for dinner. Stopping for the last session of picture taking..

After a few shows and some laughs it was time to turn in for the night, and day 6 was over.  This little piggy was waiting for us in our room. My favorite towel animial, cause I love piggys.

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