Friday, May 27, 2011

Bermuda Day by Day Review-Day 4 Bermuda... We Made It

We made it through the "dreadful" Bermuda Triangle that everyone talks about. We were finally in Bermuda, and for two and a half days. We were in our glory! We arrived a bit later than expected, but in doing so we were able to watch and we came into port and docked.  The anticipation of seing how beautiful Bermuda is built as we got closer and closer

Finally we docked here:

As we walked off the ship, this was the view: Beautiful blue water

Exploring Bermuda:

After walking the town of Hamilton taking in the beauty of Bermuda and doing some shopping, we wer exhausted and head back to the ferry.

Once back on the ship is was once again time for dinner, pictures, and some shows that led up to bedtime.

Once the shows were over, we headed back to our cabin to see what towel animal would be waiting for us and decided it was time for some zzzzz's since tomorrow was another full day in Bermuda

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