Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Your Way - Check In #1

May Your Way check in #1 didn't go exactly "my way".  TOM decided to give me a visit this week, and leave and brought an extra pound with him. So, I am not very happy about what the scale was showing this morning.

However, today is the first day in a very long time I have gotten in much of any water, and today I have guzzled 64 oz. I am sticking with my goals, and as long as I continue to do that eventually the weight will fall off. Just have to be patient, stay motivated and focused on the big picture.

Previous Weight: 202
Current Weight: 203
change this week +1

loss this challenge +1

weight loss since 12/21/10 -9


  1. Hang in week that pound plus some will be gone!

  2. TOM is never a good time for any of us! Don't worry it goes away soon! and so will that extra pound!