Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring In 2 Action

I am super excited about the new challenge over at shrinking jeans. I so badly need this challenge! I haven't been very successful in my weight loss journey, I do well for a while and then let something get me off course to never find my way back. This time, I'm pulling out all the stops. I will do well on this challenge and I will finish this challenge no matter what! I will be getting my eating under control and I will be exercising five times a week. The end. No excuses... period. I have been battling with trying to decide with going on a "diet" or to just do my best make healthy eating choices. The 17 Day Diet, that I was doing at the beginning of the last challenge, worked well as long as I could keep up with it. After the first 17 days, I was ready to stab someone for a carb... any carb. Hence the reason I stopped doing the diet and that ended with me not finishing that challenge. I know the diet works. Do I give it another try? I know the first 17 days my exercise will be limited.. the book advises to only do 17 minutes of light exercise a day while on the first phase of the diet because of the lack of carbs your body is getting. Decisions, decision. I am giving myself until tomorrow to figure this out.

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