Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 15, 2010

December 15th is a day that in the end one full of good news and brought Bobby and I closer together. It could've however been the total opposite. Bobby had found out several weeks before that a stent that had been placed in his heart several years was no longer properly working. They needed to go in and see if it had moved or what was going on. After being with him while he was being prepped, and hearing the risk factors and numbers on complications including death I was getting nervous and worried about what could happen.

After he is taken back to start the procedure I do my best to think positively that everything will be ok. We were supposed to meet back in the waiting area an hour later to hear the results of what they found and what the step was going to be. The doctor shows up early than planned, which freaked me out too, with the news that the stent had totally closed and the artery was completely blocked. Fortunately for Bobby, his body had already started creating new arteries to take over where the other had closed, and we were told the best thing to do was to leave it alone and let his body do the work. Had his body not created the new arteries to compensate for the blockage, he would've had to have undergone major surgery to create just that.

So for the most part all was well. He was extremley loopy from the "happy juice" they had given him. He was awake for the whole procedure. Which is the same procedure that they would've done had they had to replace the stent, like he originally thought was going to be done. 

Because this procedure is done by going in and up through the groin, after you are made to lie completely still for several hours. He was then supposed to be released once, he was able to get up and walk. Unknowingly to him when the numb him, they also hit a nerve in the leg that completely numbs you from the top of your thigh all the way down to the ankle. So... trying to stand up on one leg... lets just say that didn't go over very well.

After getting situated and sitting again, about an hour later he almost gave me a heartattack of my own. He said he was feeling sick to his stomach and I handed up the trash can as I went next door to use the restroom. Wasn't gone but a minute and I walked in he was pale as I have ever seen anyone, couldn't hardly talk he was trying to tell me to get a nurse, I couldn't understand him but knew he needed one.  They FINALLY got into his room, made him lie back, he had been feeling hot, sweaty. and at the point he was going to pass out where everything was starting to turn black. Once he was lying back and beginning to feel a little better, they take his bloodpressure. 69/42!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UMMM HELLO!  That means when he was sitting up feeling worse, it was probably even lower!!! Eventually his blood pressure came back up to what they considered normal, but not to where his usually is. They assured us that, that was just one of the side affects of his body responding to what it had been through and it was completely normal. Once he felt better and was able to walk they released him and we were on our way.

I am so thankful that his leg being numb made him stay longer, because had his blood pressure dropped after we had left the hospital.. OMG I don't know what I would have done or what would've happened. Thank God it all turned out fine. He had a few days off work and everything has returned to normal.

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