Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday- True Confession

It's confession time! I was doing so well with counting points... keeping it all together staying within my points target, exercising and losing weight. I had been even enforcing my willpower each and every time someone in my department brought in cake, cookies, doughnuts and other goodies. Of which said goodies are always placed at the empty cubicle directly behind me. So every time I move they are in eye sight.

On Thursday I caved... we had cake.. and I decided a small piece wouldn't be so bad. However, I had no idea how to count points for it. I though one little splurge wouldn't hurt, right? Wrong! Because for me one little splurge leads to another, then another.

After the cake, it was decided that our department was ordering out for lunch... Dominos. I hate Dominos. But to go along with the group I ordered.  I decided on the cheapest thing.. cheesy bread. Again not a wise move. Didn't count points that day after about 10 am.

Last night B and I went out for dinner. I should have picked somewhere that I could eat healthy, but I didn't. Buffalo Wild Wings it was. Enough Said.

I don't know if its because TOM is lurking its evil head, or the fact that for some reason although I am eating all of my points I feel like I am starving.  Maybe both. I felt like an alcoholic the past few days, once I got a taste of the "good stuff" I couldn't stop.

But today is a new day, I am back to counting points. No beating myself up.. won't do me any good now. Just hopefully, the scale won't reflect how horribly I have eaten.

It's really awful that you can screw up your awesome weightloss efforts in a day or two.

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