Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Lost It...

Somewhere along the way my motiviation, desire and drive for working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle was derailed.  My mojo was gone. For several months now I have been struggling to find my way back. Every day, I had an excuse. There was always a reason why I didn't have time or there was always something else more important that needed done. Days turned into weeks and weeks have now turned into  months. I started the Burst Into Summer Challenge over at the shrinkingjeans, hoping to regain my mojo. After no contact other than the first "hello's" from my team mates, I let that derail me even further. I shouldn't have and realize that now. I feel horrible for letting that be just another excuse, for letting myself and my team down.

Today I put it out there on Twitter and spoke to Brooke about needing a kick in the pants to get back on track.(Thanks Brooke for being on the other end of that tweet!)  Just doing this and admitting to someone else how off track I have been really made me see.  I keep making excuses, but the bottom line is for whatever reason, I've been in a lazy kinda depressed if you will stupor. All of this is stopping, and stopping now!

I had a heart to heart talk today with myself and realize just how foolish I have been. Wasting the past two months feeling lazy, sorry for myself or what ever mood I was in to have an excuse to not get up and move. I asked myself is this really how you want to live and feel the rest of your life? Of course the answer is no.

I'm over feeling sorry for myself. No one got me to the weight I am in, only myself. Feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing is going to give me nothing in return.  If I want results, then I have to do something to get those results.

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  1. I know how you feel, I truly do and it will all be ok. You and I BOTH know it's going to take major action on our part to get us to where we want and need to be. Like Bari told me last night on Twitter, there is no try, there is only DO.

    So, let's do this! I am here for you, always.