Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shrinking Days of Summer

Since returning from vacation about a month ago, I have had issues with getting back on the right track. I had a few obstacles of having food poisoning a few days after I returned to work from vacation. How many people get food poisoning from the cafeteria at work??!!  Then once I battled that I have had sinus/upper respiratory issues. Which had left me extremley sleep deprived for a few weeks. I am now almost back to 100% but was still having a problem with really focusing again and doing what I needed.

Well the fine people over at the Sisterhood, must of known, I woke up this morning to find an email telling about the new challenge. That was all it took. I am totally psyched and ready to go once again.

Being Wednesday, I knew I had to step on the dreaded scale. I had ended the last challenge a few weeks early because of my vacation, and came back six pounds a little heavier than I was went I left. The scale has been teetering up and down since then. So, I step on the scale, and was very pleasantly suprised to see that I am back down to where I was before the vacation. I lost the six pounds I gained. I am once again a pound from my first "mini" goal.


  1. Woohoo, Misty! That's awesome! Congrats on the post-vaca lost and good luck with the challenge!

  2. One pound is nothin'. You can totally get back there and then some!