Monday, May 10, 2010

"I Wish I'd Said......"

What do you say to people who always seem to be negative about your weight loss and what you are or are not eating? Although 99% of the time they don't mean it to be negative, but it still does something to us that almost undermines all of our efforts. We know our Points values, or how many calories we are supposed to eat (or whatever the basis of your weight loss program), we know we are living better and making better choices for ourselves. I've heard, "how can you be on a diet?" "Healthy food is nasty" My answer, I'm not on a diet I am changing my lifestyle and what/how I eat. Healthy food can be just as good as unhealthy food. You just have to find the right substitutes. So why let these people get us?  After all only we know how we feel and how we want to look. No one else can make those decisions for us. Don't let anyone steal your joy, your power or willingness to continue acheiving all that you can and all that you want.

"A few sneaky snacks will give you tight slacks"

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