Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012 Week 2

Its that time again.. time to disrobe and jump on the scale while squeezing your eyes tight and then peeking at the number lurking back at you. Or that was the way I used to do it. Lately, I'm excited to see my progress. I love the fact that I have found something that seems to be working for me. Although I still have a long way to go... I am at least making progress.

I am still on the first phase of the 17 Day Diet. This diet has been super hard for me. These 17 days feel like an eternity! No carbs and no sugar. Which means no soda and no ice cream (and everything  in between). I have to say I have possessed great willpower so far. Just hope that it will continue.

I must confess that I am lacking in the exercise department. I really need to step that up and get my butt moving. Although it hasn't hindered my weight loss yet, I know it will and I could be down alot more than I am had I put in a little extra effort.
 Trying to figure out what I can and can't eat has taken up alot of time and because of this I haven't kept up with any of the challenges going on the last two weeks, and I still need to write my letter to myself. Promise I will do better. But I am doing something right, the scales are still moving in the correct direction!

Beginning weight: 214.5
Previous weight: 209.5
Current weight: 206.5
Loss/gain this week -3
Total loss -8

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