Monday, August 23, 2010


Fifteen more day to go.. then I will be mid way through my week vacation, and will be enjoying myself at Virginia Beach! I SO can't wait!!! This will be the first (and probably one of the few) vacations Bobby and I will have alone. Everything we plan always seems to turn into a family affair (with his family).  I understand family is important to most of us but geesh. I really would love to be able to have a vacation with out family being included.

We had planned to book a cruise next March for our honeymoon. We wanted to go to Bermuda, but couldn't afford the ones we found so were going to settle for a different one, that I am sure would have been just enjoyable. A few days before we were going to book said cruise, Bobby get a call from his parents, who proceed to tell us about Bermuda cruise in April (that is in our price range) so now, my honeymoon is turning into a honeymoon/family vacation. I am less than thrilled about this. But saying anything about it only causes trouble.. so I have decided to roll with the punches. I only hope we do have some time to go out and do our own thing, and not have the whole family around 24/7.

But no matter what the outcome ... I am going to BERMUDA!!! Which I am SOOOO SUPER excited about.  I will make the best of it no matter what.


  1. Bermuda - way cool. Family honeymoon? Notsomuch. But hey at least you can go to Va Beach solo! ;)

  2. I had considered postponing the "wedding date" to have a honeymoon later on... but hell there is no guarantee that won't wanna tag along for that one too.. So I thought might as well just go with the original plan.