Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week #4 of 39 and Down & Dirty in 30 Weigh In #1

Last week was the first weigh in of the new challenge over at the Sisterhood.  Also week 4 of my 39 weeks until my vacation/honeymoon. I was down a pound this week...honestly, not sure how. I have been on a sweet junk food kick since I had to celebrate 100 birthdays (ok maybe not 100 but 4 or 5).  This past Tuesday was my fiance's birthday and on Sunday, I made him a cake (my first attempt to cake decorating)

Bobby's birthday cake

I have only had one peice of his cake. Half of it went to his family, because neither of us really need to be eating it.  So, now I need to somehow leave the junk alone! I've never had such issues with junk food, I almost feel addicted to the stuff. Crazy, since I'm usually not one to eat alot of junk food.

Heading to the store tomorrow (payday) and stocking up on some healthy food for the next week or so. Hoping for a better week next week.

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  1. Karissa saw me reading this and said, "Mommy I want cake!" :)