Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday True Confessions (better late than never!)

Its that time again! Confession time at the Shrinking Jeans! I was hoping I wouldn't have anything to confess this week, but looks like that didn't work out so well. This week we took the plunge and adopted a 7 month old lab/cheasapeake bay retriever. Take a look at her adorbale self here

Taking on the responsibility of having a puppy was much more overwhelming and stressful than I could ever have realized! That being said... I let that keep me from making the right decisions when it came to eating. I also spent most of my time when I wasn't working or sleeping, entertaining Cinnamon, so exercise was kind sent to the wayside.

Weekly Confessions:
1. Eating out too much and not making healthy choices
2. Letting life overwhelm me and put "me" on the back burner
3. Not finding time to exercise

The good news is, I have adjusted to the puppy somewhat so the issues the past week will hopefully disappear this week.

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