Friday, September 3, 2010

After the move

Today is a week since we made the move from Leesburg to Martinsburg. I spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday moving, cleaning and doing my best to put away and make room.. each day I worked myself to complete and utter exhaustion. I have also been working overtime at work. A week later, still working the OT, still trying to get things put away and find a place for everything, and still exhausted.

I went from waking up for work at 6 am to waking up at 4 or 4:30 am (depending when I am going in and if I am carpooling. Today I was able to sleep until 4:45!!! I didn't have OT and I drove myself to work.  I am wondering if I will ever get used to waking up that early. I don't know how I ever did it.

All I wanna do is sleep.... but when I go to bed I'm so exhausted I can't sleep. 

Did I mention between all this unpacking, Bobby and I are on vacation next week and instead of staying home and getting things situated and relaxing, we are going to the beach. Normally I would be super excited about the beach. However, looking around and seeing all the mess and all the work that needs to be done... I can't really get excited about coming back to all this chaos.

I feel like I am the only one doing hardly anything to get this place organized and back to some type of normalcy. He acts like if he spends a few minutes hanging a picture or two he's done something for the day.  So yes, I am also very frustrated.

Although I am hesitant about being away for a week, I think it will do us both some good. I know I can use a week to relax, and do nothing except what I want.  One problem.... 'cause Earl (hurricane earl)had to do die... goodbye... earl.. na na na hey hey  Hopefully all will be well with the weather and the ocean will have calmed down enough by Tuesday for us to enjoy a little bit of time actually on the beach and in the water.

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  1. *snort* EARL. You KNOW who that makes me think of don't you???? ;)

    You need a break. Everything that needs to be done will still be there when you get back. Try not to dwell on it and just relax.

    Have fun!