Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring In 2 Action - Check In Week #3

Wow, time sure has been flying by! Its hard to believe its week three already of the Spring In 2 Action challenge. This week, has been super crazy... dealing with the stress of getting married (this Friday, the 25th) and FINALLY clearing up issues with the mortgage company 2 1/2 years after my divorce has had me not sleeping and my head ready to explode. But now that the wedding is almost here, and I have dealt with the ex hubby for the last time (God, I hope!) things should resume back to normal.

Last week I was up FOUR pounds... stemming from the six pounds I lost the previous week thanks to a 3 day flu bug. I REALLY wanted to shed those pounds again this week.. but it didn't happen. Didn't even come close :/  Good news is, the scale did go down this week, and I have several more weeks to go before the challenge ends to show my "stuff:.

So here goes the stats:

Previous Weight: 199.5
Current Weight 199
This week -.5

Total loss for the challenge 2.5                                          
Total loss since 12/21/10 13

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! I bet once the wedding stress is gone you will do great!