Tuesday, March 15, 2011

True Confessions

Its confession time again. And boy oh boy do I need to confess! Last week I spent three or four days unable to eat anything due to a nasty stomach bug. This helped trmendously with my weigh in. Bad news is, once I was able to eat again... I wanted to eat EVERYTHING! It was crazy, and I didn't realize how bad I was eating (I wasn't keeping track) until it was too late. Once I finally realized how bad my food choice were continously being... it was too late. Or least too late for this week anyway.

I had allowed my self to splurge some because I had been so sick, I felt like I deserved it. Problem is that I didn't stop at one splurge. I was like an acoholic with liquor.  It.was.horrible.

Now that I have came to my senses I am SO angry at myself. I had been finally rockin this weight loss thing.. and I let myself blow it this horribly in one week! Ugghh!

I suppose I need to look at it from the point of few that this is only one week. There are many more to stay on track and shed those ugly pounds that found me again.   No getting frustrated and negative self talk, because that just leads to more bad food choices. I need to own up to my mistakes and move on.
So that is exactly what I'm going to do. Here is to a better week next week.

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